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Bob Low

Team member

Bob Low

Bob Low has held Managing Director and Sales Director positions in the technical textile industry for over thirty years and as a consultant for the last three years. He is a textile graduate from Leeds University UK and an Associate of the Textile Institute.

His experience covers a wide range of technical textile applications both in the UK and internationally with specific experience in China and India.

Technical textiles incorporates a spectrum of activities and Bob has direct experience in polypropylene extrusion both yarn and non-woven spunbond, high performance spun and filament yarns, warping and woven fabrics for markets from air filtration, ballistic and knife protection, activated carbon to coated fabrics both pvc and pu.

Bob has managed start-up companies in Bangladesh, India and China and enjoys a hands-on approach with direct involvement with the local operators and seeing both the businesses and people develop.

Sales and marketing have always been a major focus for Bob and he enjoys mentoring in these roles and passing on his knowledge and practical experience.