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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our consultants may be vastly experienced, but we still rely on you. Rebus consultants work with all levels of employees and dissect information to best identify opportunities and strategies for improvements that may arise.
Rebus consultants  model is to highlight inefficiencies and work with the team to find a solution that is both efficient for the company, and effective for the employees, insuring a sustainable outcome.

Our philosophy for manufacturing is the equation behind efficiency: Minimise inputs, maximise outputs. Although it sounds simple, the philosophy takes on board the fundamental importance of waste management and cost saving strategies that can not only increase sales but decreases costs.

Rebus will work to ensure departments are operating in unison. Poor communication channels or lack of forward planning may result in communication breaking down between departments. Manufacturing and marketing teams must understand each other’s capabilities to best identify successful market opportunities and maximise the potential for success.

Rebus Consultants focus on aspects of the textile manufacturing processes that reflect the cultural and operating environment which includes housekeeping, safety, environmental management, knowledge management, planning & scheduling, process controls, process reliability, plant & equipment reliability, labour & machinery efficiencies.

Rebus Consultants have extensive experience to evaluate and enhance managerial goals and objectives across all departments of the company, ensuring the organisation is running at maximum efficiency.

With experience operating in over 40 countries, Rebus consultants are adept in recognising the manufacturing and retail feasibility of your local market. With a proven track record across apparel,  home textiles, hospitality, garments and finished fabric wholesaling, Rebus consultants will work with your organisation to create a plan that is attainable and sustainable.


Rebus Consulting is a division of Rebus International Inc. In addition to textile-focused Consulting, Rebus also provides superior quality goods, including pre-owned textile machinery, premium fabrics.