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Fred Kesseler

Team member

Fred Kesseler

Fred Kesseler

Consultant – Head of Garment Making

Fred Kesseler is a Senior Textile consultant with forty-two years textile industry experience.

With a degree in Textile Technology and well-founded grounding with C&A Europe in Quality Assurance and Management. Fred progressed to owning and managing garment making factories in Italy, Egypt, China and Thailand. Here he not only managed the production aspects of the business but also with developing new customers and developing new export markets working with government agencies.

On divesting his personal business interests and returning to Amsterdam to live in 2013, Fred was approached and agreed to be the Senior Textile Expert for PUM Netherlands and SES Germany organisations. Fred continues this charitable work as of today.

Under the umbrella of these organisations, Fred undertook various charitable consultancy assignments in Kenia, Mongolia and Jordanian. Each of these assignments included delivering soft skill  training including people management, cutting efficiency, cad cam and merchandising then in collaboration with the newly skilled teams increase production and implement robust Process Controls as part of the Quality Assurance Management process

Since 2016 Fred has also operated as a Consultant to the Garment Industry having undertaken Consultancy Assignments at Lucky Garment, Style Textile and Towelers.          

Fred maintains focus on optimising outputs based on implementation of clear and precise systems and procedures, adequate training of stakeholders and setting the standard of expected behaviours including output, environmental management including safety and energy savings while maintaining a clean and uncluttered workplace.

Fred’s hands-on approach endears him to the local management and workplace teams.