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Rebus Consultants have extensive experience to evaluate and enhance managerial
goals and objectives across all departments of the company. This will ensure the
organisation is running at optmium efficiency, resulting in clear bottom line gains for
the business.

Business Management

  • International Sourcing
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource training
  • Human Resource recruitment¬†
  • New business ventures
  • Supply Chain Optimisation¬†
  • Government Scheme report
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • New product Development
  • Maximising product line/range
  • Knowledge Management
  • Strategic planning guidance

Rebus consultants have many years of textile expertise. From working on the floor to CEO, Rebus consultants have gathered a wealth of knowledge across all technical disciplines and uphold these standards for implementation.

Technical Strategies

  • – Fibre Analysis
    – Quality Control Analysis
    – Quality Assurance guidance
    – Manufacturing flow analysis
    – Dimensional Changes
    – Technical manual review
    – Root cause analysis of manufacturing –
    – problems
    – Manufacturing Trends
    – Technical Solutions for Machinery
    – Installation & Commissioning of Plant &
    – Equipment
    – Costing & Price analysis
    – Sustainability
    – Waste reduction