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Rebus consultants’ experience covers the full range of the textile manufacturing
process. Following the Rebus manufacturing process audit, corrective actions will be
identified to ensure improved efficiency, reduced waste, and optimium use of capital

Audit Strategy
Rebus Consultants focus on all aspects of the textile manufacturing
processes that reflect the cultural and operating environment, which
includes housekeeping, safety & environmental management, knowledge
management, planning & scheduling, process controls, process reliability,
plant & equipment reliability, labour & machinery efficiencies

Textile Wet Processing
Fabric preparation/batching, pre-treatment, dyehouse lab and recipe
management, dye kitchen, product flow, consistency of machine set-ups,
lab to bulk reproducibility, right first time (RFT) dyeings, standard operating
procedures (SOP), machinery maintenance, potential reduction in utilities
(electricity, steam and water), recycling of water from cooling cylinders.
Printing colour lab and colour management, colour kitchen, print sc Printing colour lab and colour management, colour kitchen, print screen
preparation, washing & management, squeegee management, stripping of
coated screens, printing blanket adhesive management, machinery
maintenance, product flow.

Digital Printing

Providing guidance regarding Digital Printing machinery, printing inks, fabric
preparation and coating systems, design software, sampling and process
Finishing process chemical and finish recipe application & management,
standardised machine set-ups, machinery maintenance product flow

Home and Hospitality Textiles
Automated v Manual sewing, Line Structure & Product Flow, minimal
manual transport of product, packaging presentation.